The British Federation For Historical Swordplay

President's Address

The British Federation for Historical Swordplay is a national, independent umbrella group for all individual UK societies involved in the research, study and practice of historical fencing and the European martial arts.

The BFHS is made up of individual societies researching original fencing treatises that can be traced as far back as the late 13th century. With access to over 700 years of historical documents written by long-dead fencing masters, modern practitioners find, interpret, teach and revive techniques and philosophies from Europe’s martial past.

Oriental styles do not have the monopoly on practical, pragmatic techniques, nor on martial philosophy, so if you are interested in something a little unusual, find your local BFHS group and take part in the flourishing revival of Europe’s martial heritage. While the BFHS is concerned with the specific disciplines belonging to the European martial arts tradition, it also recognises and respects the other sword related disciplines of sport fencing, theatrical stage combat and Eastern martial arts.

For further information regarding historical fencing and European martial arts, please contact us.