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SWASH is the flagship event of the British Federation for Historical Swordplay, and is considered one of the most prestigious Historical Western Martial Art events in Europe.

About this Event  

The Royal Armouries in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom serves as the magnificent backdrop for the Symposium on the Western Arts of Swordsmanship through
History (SWASH).  

SWASH 2013 & 2014

SWASH 2013 is now finished and we are looking forward to SWASH 2014. For general information, programme and accommodation details please see the dedicated SWASH pages - click here




Autumn Exchange

Each year BFHS Member Groups come together for the annual Autumn Exchange. This event allows Member Groups and their Members to exchange ideas and cross train via workshops as well as compete in tournaments.

The Autumn Exchange is also an important social occasion and an excellent chance to meet colleagues and make new friends.



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