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West Devon Swords

Club Name
West Devon Swords
Geographic Area
West Devon
Group Contact
Robin Catling
Contact Phone Number
07956 409818
Class Location
Okehampton College Gynasium
BFHS (Instructor and Member)


West Devon Swords was established in 2014 by Robin Catling and Vicki Pritchard.

We are part of the British Federation for Historical Swordplay (BFHS).

What we do

In the tradition of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), we study and apply techniques from historical manuals. The class is generally no more demanding than a moderate physical exercise class; size, strength or agility are not limiting factors for our beginners’ class. Free practice may become more intensive at the mutual agreement of the players.

Please note this is the study of historical combat techniques, it is NOT re-enactment, stage combat, LARP or other role-playing. Please see our post ‘What is HEMA’ for further information. Safe training and sparring is our primary concern. See our post: HEMA – is it safe?

Light protective equipment (fencing jackets, masks, gloves, chest protectors and arm-guards) will be provided for use in class.

For further information on historical swordplay, please go to:

Training Time and Location

Thursdays 8-9.30pm
Okehampton Baptist Church
Ages 16yrs+
Equipment provided for beginners
£6 per session
Contact: Robin Catling 07956 409818 or

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Weapons and Systems Taught

Primarily, but not exclusively:
longsword (Fiore, Italia School),
sword and buckler (i33)
rapier (Capoferro)
sidesword (Saviolo)

Training Location

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