The British Federation for Historical Swordplay

BFHS Events

Future BFHS events will fall into one of three categories, each subject to different considerations.

BFHS-Sponsored Events

Sponsored events are run by member groups of the BFHS and are subject to the fewest restrictions of all types. A group running a sponsored event has complete freedom regarding pricing, subject matter to be covered and instructors to be featured. The BFHS will have input regarding health & safety and similar matters, but other than this will be involved in a promotional and facilitation manner only.

BFHS Internal Events

Internal events are organised by the BFHS itself, often in conjunction with a local group. They are open only to BFHS members (as attendees and instructors) and are subject to other restrictions such as pricing. This is generally set by precedent, such as with Autumn Exchange which has followed the same format for many years. Some tournaments and all instructor assessments are internal events.

BFHS Open Events

Open events are organised by the BFHS itself, but are open to non-members as attendees, instructors or guests.  BFHS Open events include SWASH. There is also a potential for open tournaments which would not require BFHS membership to enter.

Running an Event

Any group interested in running an event is invited to discuss it with the Exec. The BFHS is keen to work with member groups to create a full calendar of competitive and instructional events. Guidance is available on format, costing, safety and similar considerations. How closely this must be followed depends on the nature of the event.

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