The British Federation for Historical Swordplay

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This section will be expanded very shortly, we are working to move a lot of relevant information here.
In the interim these are the current BFHS documents:

BFHS Best Practice Guidelines and Advice

BFHS Tournament Rules

Watch this space for some very interesting announcements coming over the next few months!

Latest News

COVID-19 Update

The officers of the BFHS are not medical professionals or scientists. We can only offer common-sense advice informed by the government’s official policies and analysis of the situation. The top […]

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BFHS IL2 Assessment May 2019

BFHS IL2 Assessment May 2019 It was a day long in coming, but on May 25th 2019 the first BFHS IL2 assessment took place. The event was hosted by SSS […]

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