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Aisle O’var Academy of Arms

Club Name
Aisle O’var Academy of Arms
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Jed Pascoe
Contact Phone Number
07785 254510
BADC Certified, Personal Trainer Level 2, Personal Trainer Level 3, Qualified Martial Arts Coach
AMA (Instructors and Club)


Aisle O’var are scholars and practitioners of the Ancient and Noble Science of Defence and that most excellent of ancient country sports, English Country Backswording Circa 1600.

Our main focus is in the study of the single-handed broadsword/backsword and the English Quarterstaff/Tip staff using the principles of the true fight as laid down by George Silver in his Paradoxes of Defence in 1599 and his unpublished manuscript A brief instruction upon my paradoxes of defence and many other historical treatises for our studies of Traditional English Martial Arts (TE-MA) in order that we practise a complete martial system.

Weapons and Systems Taught

  • Steel Backsword
  • Arming sword/broadsword
  • Sword and dagger
  • Sword and buckler
  • Paired swords
  • English Longsword
  • English Quarterstaff
  • Formation battle techniques
  • Classic English Pugilism
  • Indigenous English Wrestling styles

Aisle O’var Academy of Arms

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