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Linacre School of Defence

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Linacre School of Defence
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Dr Milo Thurston
BFHS (Instructor and Member)


The Linacre School of Defence exists to train its members in a pragmatic and martial approach to 18th-century British martial arts.

Training is conducted in the small-sword, back-sword and pugilism as if preparing for a serious encounter rather than school play. The intention is to produce martial artists capable of competently defending their lives in a manner with which our ancestors would have been familiar. To develop the skills of our students we attempt to meet and train with practitioners of diverse (primarily Western) systems whenever possible. We aim also to promote an understanding of the theory of the art through the study of period texts.

Weapons and Systems Taught

  • Small-sword
  • Back-sword
  • Pugilism

Linacre School of Defence

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